Jill McGown - Crime and mystery writer Jill McGown. Advice for would-be novelists and more.

Official site of crime / mystery writer Jill McGown. Contact details, photographs, biography, monthly newsletter, monthly competition, bulletin board, details of / notes on novels, TV adaptations etc., advice for would-be novelists and more.

jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin, judy hill, crime fiction, jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill, writing advice, police procedure, mystery, suspense

jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin, judy hill, crime fiction, jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill, writing advice, police procedure, mystery, suspense

The Lloyd and Hill titles are jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin available in jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill paperback, except for Scene of Crime which will be going into paperback in February 2002 in the US, and in July 2002 in the UK. I think that all the titles are available in UK public police procedure, mystery, suspense libraries in some form, if only as large print or judy hill, crime fiction audio books. NB: The audio writing advice book of Hostage to Fortune carries my own name rather than my pseudonym.

Competition I have rather a lot of author jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin copies of my books, and it occurred to me that if you're visiting this site, you might actually like to have a signed copy of one of them, so I jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill devised this competition. Until they police procedure, mystery, suspense run out, the prize is a signed first-edition hardback, and one judy hill, crime fiction each will be awarded to the first five writing advice correct entries received each month.

I have often been asked for advice by those jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill who would like to judy hill, crime fiction write fiction, and it seemed to police procedure, mystery, suspense me that this website was as good a way as any to offer some help and tips to would-be writers. Because between wanting to write, and the wonderful, unforgettable moment when you’re jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin told that what you’ve written writing advice has been accepted for publication, there’s a lot to do.

So if you are just starting out, and are judy hill, crime fiction unsure of what you want to write, or how to get it down on the page, or what jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill you do once you’ve done that – or if you are jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin simply seeking inspiration - I hope I can be of some help. But do remember, it is simply advice. There are no rules in fiction-writing; just basic writing advice conventions which it’s as well not to break unintentionally.

One other thing – I use ‘he’ to describe police procedure, mystery, suspense every living thing with no definite gender, so if you are PC, you’ll have to put up with it, or forget the whole thing, because whenever I jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin see ‘she’ used in this way, it’s like chalk scraping on a police procedure, mystery, suspense blackboard. I can’t writing advice bear it, so I’m never going to change my wicked ways.

Money is important, so if you have a day job, hang on to it, even if you do get published. Then, if you start making money from writing, you may actually judy hill, crime fiction see it mount up, rather than disappear writing advice as soon as it hits your bank account. But you don’t jill mcgowan, lloyd and hill need money to write. You can make up stories for nothing, write jill mcgown, elizabeth chaplin them down for next to nothing. Even typing them police procedure, mystery, suspense up needn’t cost a lot.


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