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My Favourite Sites

This wonderful site has over 2000 classic texts on line, covering fiction, reference, poetry, biography - oh, you name it, they've got it. You can search the entire database, and even e-mail them with any literary question you want answered.

A new site still in the process of being set up, but which promises to have lots of detail about my home town.

http://www.machrihanish.net A site all about Machrihanish, where I spent hours as a child, playing on the beach or in my aunt’s lovely big house.

Internet Movie Data Base
This is the most comprehensive database of film and television (from both sides of the Atlantic) that you could possibly wish for. My first proudest moment was when I saw my author copies of A Perfect Match. My second was when I discovered that I had my own entry in the IMDB.

A site you can get lost in for hours. It's all about…soup. Soup in song, soup in the movies, soup in literature, soup in history, soup anywhere…not to mention recipes for every conceivable kind of soup. And you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter that both informs and entertains you, whether you like soup or not. Check it out!

Friends Reunited
I’d been meaning to try out Friends Reunited for months, but didn’t get round to it until very recently. And my very first search turned up the very school friend I mention in my biography. The girl with whom I climbed trees and with whom I inexplicably lost touch was contactable with a click of the mouse, and we are now catching up on decades of news. This site is a wonderful idea, and is very efficiently and sensibly run.
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