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- Scene of Crime
- Picture of Innocence
- Plots and Errors
- A Shred of Evidence
- Verdict Unsafe
- The Other Woman
- Murder...Now and Then
- The Murders of Mrs.Austin and   Mrs.Beale
- Redemption/Murder at the Old   Vicarage
- Death of a Dancer/Gone to Her   Death
- A Perfect Match
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- An Evil Hour
- The Stalking Horse
- Murder Movie
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- Hostage to Fortune
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The following is a list of the Lloyd and Hill novels in chronological order. There is a continuing story through the novels which some readers might prefer to read as written, but each story is of course self-contained, so reading the books in order isn’t vital. Please note the occasional title-change for the US market – don’t go buying the same book twice!

A Perfect Match: Macmillan, London/St Martin’s Press, NY 1983

Redemption: (US title: Murder at the Old Vicarage) Macmillan, London 1988/St Martin’s Press, NY 1989

Death of a Dancer: (US title: Gone to her Death) Macmillan, London 1989/St Martin’s Press, NY 1990

The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale: Macmillan, London/St Martin’s Press, NY 1991

The Other Woman: Macmillan, London/St Martin’s Press, NY 1992

Murder…Now and Then: Macmillan, London/St Martin’s Press, NY 1993

A Shred of Evidence: Macmillan, London/Ballantine, NY 1995

Verdict Unsafe: Macmillan, London/Ballantine, NY 1997

Picture of Innocence: Macmillan, London/Ballantine, NY 1998

Plots and Errors: Macmillan, London/Ballantine, NY 1999

Scene of Crime: Macmillan, London/Ballantine, NY 2001

Births, Deaths and Marriages: (US title: Death in the Family) Macmillan, London, 2002/Ballantine, NY, 2003

Unlucky For Some: Macmillan, London, 2004/Ballantine, NY, 2005

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