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Superintendent Patterson set the little box down on its side.

FD looked at it. Cog-wheels, a little drum, something like a fine-tooth comb, a metal thing like a propeller, going round in what seemed like slow-motion.
'You can't tell us any more than you have about Barbara Slaney?'

'I know nothing about her, Superintendent. The LA office will be closed today, but you can get the personnel manager on the number I gave you.'

'Well,' said Patterson. 'It's two o'clock in the morning in Los Angeles. I thought someone might know something about her here.'

'Howard might - I don't. I don't get involved in that sort of area.'

'It's her parents, you see,' said Patterson. 'I want to make sure they know before this gets out. Obviously, it's the sort of story the newspapers will want. I just wondered if she had spoken about her family…'

'Not to me! I really do have to go, Superintendent. I have a great deal to do.'

'Perhaps someone else knew her a bit better than you?'

'Quite possibly. Try Landers.'

'Oh, right. Thank you.' He picked up a pen and touched the little propeller blade, which resumed its slow-motion turning.

FD watched, despite himself.

'Musical box,' said Patterson. 'It used to be inside a trinket box, but that fell apart in the end. It was my daughter's - she kept the movement. She gave it to my grand-daughter to play with, and it got overwound.'

'Oh,' said FD.

'But you can persuade it to unwind,' he said, touching the blade with the pen again. 'With a bit of perseverance.'

It pinged as a tooth was caught by a spike on the drum, and the Superintendent smiled.

'Plays a nice wee tune,' he said. 'Once it's going.'

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