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It was after he had been transferred to Gartree that he had come to a decision. If he was going to be a prisoner, then he was going to get bloody good at it. He wasn't going to spend years and years of his life running from the bully-boys on either side of the bars. He would get hard and strong and fast. And they would jump when he said jump, because he had a brain to back up his brawn, unlike most of them. And only once did his wit desert him long enough to get caught. It had cost him solitary, and it had left him with a scar on his upper arm, but it had been worth it.

His first two requests for parole were refused, but now, third time lucky, he was out. But no coming-out party for him. He'd lost his wife, his friends, and his youth. But he was back now. And on his thirtieth birthday he had become a shareholder in Greystone. Grandfather Stone had had the good sense to die the Christmas before it all happened, or he might even have been cheated out of that.

He had had sixteen years to think about this moment, plan for it, look forward to it. It had kept him going during prison officers' industrial disputes, when he had been shut up for twenty-three hours of the twenty-four, and through the winter nights, when it seemed that the sun would never shine again. It had taken the place of sexual fantasy, of dreams, of hope. One thing had kept him sane, one thing had lent him a little warmth and colour. His plan.

Methodically, carefully, he was going to find out who had murdered Alison and that detective. And when he did, he was going to kill whoever it was.
It was as simple, and as beautiful, as that.

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